New paper on wound responses in Poplar!

Josh Herr
29 November 2021


A portion of my dissertation work (this is Josh, by the way) was to characterize the role of microorganisms in modulating responses to biotic and abiotic stressed in Poplar (Populus deltoides hybrid crossing in particular). In this context I attempted to characterize portions of the Jasmonic Acid (JA) pathway responsible for response to stresses.

I’m happy to report that we’ve published on the mechanisms of AOS1 gene expression and reported on the gene’s promoter. AOS1 is a member of the CYP74 gene family and one of the first “dedicated” steps in the JA pathway. This work wouldn’t have happened without great collaborators - led by Haiying Liang and her lab members at Clemson University and along with fellow Collaborators Chris Frost and John Carlson.

You can find the manuscript, entitled Poplar Allene Oxide Synthase 1 Gene Promoter Drives Rapid and Localized Expression by Wounding through the journal Biotechnology Journal International.

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