Lab Members

Duties: Principal Investigator. Grant Writer. Wrangler of Computers. Soil Siever. Cruise Director.

Erin Carr

PhD Student

Erin, who is co-advised with Steve Harris (University of Manitoba), is investigating proto-lichen symbioses in soil crusts!

Thais Riberiro da Silva

PhD Student

Thais is studying the transcriptomics of Goss's Wilt and Bacterial Leak Streak in Maize and studying the metagenomics and metatranscriptomics of Maize in response to pathogen infection.

Edward Hillman

PhD Student

Eddie is investigating the genomics, microbial metagenomics, and plant-host interactions of Morel mushrooms.

Timothy Krause

Masters Student

Timothy is a computational scientist investigating various parameters of improving the bacterial and archaeal genome assembly process.

Ashley Stengel

PhD Student

Among many activities, Ashley, co-advised by Rhae Drijber, is investigating the microbiomes of agroecosysems!


Lab Mascot

Duties: Corn Dog, Field Work, Gut Microbiome, Naps

Lab Alumni

Carrie Brown

Carrie was a graduate student in the lab studying both the diversity of environmental Archaea and the candidate bacterial group TM7. Carrie is now the Outreach and Training Specialist at UNL's Holland Computing Center.

Would you like to join the lab?

I am looking for highly motivated researchers interested in metagenomics, microbial ecology, genomics and molecular evolution, computational biology, and any related fields. If you are interested in joining the lab as a postdoctoral researcher, graduate student, or undergraduate researcher, please send me a message to discuss available opportunities.


Contact Information

Dr. Joshua R. Herr
1901 Vine Street, E145 Beadle Center
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
Center for Plant Science Innovation
Department of Plant Pathology

jherr at
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